Fayette schools superintendent is finalist for Jackson schools job

Dr. Cedric Gray
Dr. Cedric Gray

(WMC-TV) - Fayette County Schools Superintendent Dr. Cedric Gray, who was raised and educated in Memphis and Jackson, is one of two finalists up for the top schools job in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dr. Gray is one of only two finalists for the superintendent of the public schools position in Jackson, Mississippi. There, high school drop-out rates and test scores have been the target of recent criticism.

The 41 year old spoke on the matter before a crowd of Jackson media, school administrators and parents.

"I have put together what I'm calling a learning plan, a set of questions, 15-17 questions to really determine the fault lines in our system," he said.

Dr. Gray also talked to the crowd about the issue of teachers being forced to buy their own school supplies. It is another issue that plagues Mississippi schools.

"We have to understand there are certain restraints within, then there are other things we can do if we don't have enough. That's when the community really can come in. We have churches in Fayette County that have contributed in a great way," he explained.

As a principal in Memphis City Schools, he earned a reputation for turning around low performing schools such as Craigmont Middle School and Lester School.

As superintendent of Fayette County Schools, he has a student body of about 3,700. Jackson Public Schools have roughly 10 times that many students.

A decision could be made Monday when the Jackson school board meets.

Dr. Gray was in a meeting for a lot of Monday, but left WMC-TV's Kym Clark a voicemail about his selection as a finalist.

He said, however the selection process turns out, he has made great inroads and progress in Fayette County and if he is not chosen for the job in Jackson, Mississippi, he is still excited to be the superintendent of Fayette County Schools.

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