Man blames FedEx for missing engagement ring

(WMC-TV) - A man with an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend says a FedEx shipping debacle ruined his big surprise.

After three years of bliss, Lenny Dantinne knew he met the woman of his dreams. So, the Michigan math teacher bought his art teacher girlfriend a ring.

"The jeweler was overseas and they sent it through FedEx," Dantinne explained.

He planned a sentimental proposal for this weekend: A parachute ride to a scavenger hunt that would end up at a location with all of their family and friends. Then, he would propose.

The plan was foiled when the shipment arrived.

"Our box was completely empty when we got it," said Dantinne.

The tracking record shows the ring went through at TelAviv and Paris, but when it got to Memphis, Dantinne got the call that the package was stuck in customs.

"This is how I know it (the loss) happened in Memphis. Right there, they knew to contact me from the air bill. If the package was empty, they wouldn't have known who to contact," explained Dantinne.

The tracking record shows no other stops between Memphis and Michigan.

Dantinne told the FedEx clerk that it looked like someone played football with his box, so he opened it right there in the office.

"There was no air bill, no address. Our name was on a sticky label on the box. You could tell it had been clearly opened up and had clear packaging tape around it," he described.

"We just want the ring back that we custom designed. That's the one for her. And all they keep saying is that they will continue checking the lost and found," said Dantinne. "They're acting as if a ring fell out, it wasn't in a box, and that's all they can do right now. We can't even get somebody on the other line to say 'Hello' to us."

Dantinne filed a police report and WMC-TV's Kontji Anthony contacted FedEx's corporate office. Within 10 minutes, Dantinne said he received his first phone call from the shipping company since the ordeal began.

FedEx told WMC-TV they began a search for the ring as soon as they learned about the loss and they are still looking for it.

The company released the following statement:

"Our goal is 100% reliability and all our customers' shipments are important to us. We take customer complaints seriously and apologize to Mr. Dantinne for the inconvenience. We will continue to work directly with him to resolve the situation."

As the investigation continues, Dantinne confirms he is now in communications with the corporate office to talk about the ring replacement.  Meanwhile, the proposal is on hold.

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