Two Southaven brothers earn perfect scores on ACT

(WMC-TV) - Two Southaven brothers are in elite company after both achieved a perfect score on their ACT tests.

Just a few years ago Zach Buchanan's older brother, Will, made his family and community proud with a 36 on his ACT.

After scoring a 34 as a freshman at Southaven High School, Zach has finally joined his older brother at the top of the chart.

"I made a 36 on this past April ACT," Buchanan said.

That makes two Buchanans, two perfect scores, and one beaming band director, Andy Sanders, who was a mentor to them both.

"I think the odds of that happening within one family and two brothers this closely reared together have to be astronomical," Sanders said.

Inside the Buchanan home, Zach's parents haven't put anything in the water, and there are no secret recipes in the fridge.

They credit their boys' success to hard work.

"If they had a test we would study together, spelling words- we would go over, the education took a high priority," said the boys' father Brian Buchanan.

Brian and his wife work, so their grandmother often played babysitter for the two growing up.

"She had us at the library every week for their little programs on Tuesdays and we would check out 20 books and she would read them to us periodically through the week," Zach Buchanan said.

Zach's father says the halls of DeSoto County Schools picked right up where she left off.

"If it weren't for the teachers they wouldn't be where they are now," said Brian Buchanan.

Ask Sanders, and he'll tell you it's a two way street.

"Those kinds of students give us as much to us as we give to them," he said.

With two years until college, Zach thinks he'll want to major in music. Until then, he will worry about junior year.

"Next year I have my four AP classes lined up and they'll be a plate full and then work on music," said Zach Buchanan.

That's just fine with Sanders, who wishes there were more Buchanans coming through the program.

"I keep begging Brian and Susan their parents to have more children, but they keep telling me know," Sanders joked.

Zach is proud to have so much in common with his brother, but he isn't afraid to show his independence.

"I am me, I am Zach, I am not Will and I will be who I'm going to be. It just so happens that I'm a lot like my brother," he said.

Zach still has not taken his SAT yet since he's only a sophomore, but it's on his to-do list as an upper-classman and he will be aiming for another perfect score.

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