Cook accused of stabbing restaurant manager charged

(WMC-TV) – The restaurant cook accused of stabbing her manager when he tried to fire her is charged with aggravated assault.

Investigators say Sherrie Booker stabbed the Don-Don's Wings manager in the stomach with a box cutter.

Police spoke with the restaurant manager who said Booker and her daughter came into the restaurant to collect some items after being fired.

The fight started inside the restaurant, then moved out into the parking lot once Booker and the manager called in family and friends to get involved.  The stabbing victim kept fighting even after he had been seriously cut.

"I never came and witnessed nothing like this," said Billy Richmond, owner of Don-Don's Wings.  "Never had police on my parking lot."

Richmond could only stare at the chaos in disbelief.

Customers of a nearby comic book store saw the fighting once it spilled out into the parking lot.  They locked the doors and watched through the window, not believing the scene they were witnessing.

The stabbing victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  The victim's wife was also injured.

The suspect's brother was injured when he was hit over the head with a chair.

Don-Don's Wings plans to reopen Wednesday, minus a handful of employees.

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