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Male student suspended for having pierced ears

Cain Tate was suspended from student school after violating school board policy with earrings. Cain Tate was suspended from student school after violating school board policy with earrings.

(WAFF) - An Arab mom was outraged after her son was suspended after having piercings in his ear.

Laura Seay said the trouble started after her son, Cain Tate, went from one piercing to two.  

"I guess it's okay for a boy to wear one earring but when they get both, it's a different story," said Seay.

The ear holes are affecting Tate's attendance record at Brindlee Mountain High school in Arab. 

"He had his other ear pierced but he hadn't been wearing an earring," Seay said. "Then he put an earring in there and he wanted me to get his other ear pierced and that's when the trouble started. The principal called me he told me he was suspended indefinitely until he took the earring out. He removed the earring at school and they still suspended him." 

The student dress code of Marshall county schools dress code states that boys are not permitted to wear earrings at school. Seay says she was told by the principal, but says her son is being singled out.  

"I understand that but it was covered up and again it comes down to if other kids are allowed to do it and cover it up then he should be," Seay said. "He shouldn't have to remove it if the other kids didn't have to. One rule for one should go for all." 

Tate said he's just trying to express himself and his earring isn't a distraction from his classmates. He says it's just an earring.

With this unwanted absence on his record, Tate has used his day out of school to think about how he'll keep his piercing's from causing any more problems.  

Superintendent Tim Nabors says the school system was just following board policy by suspending Cain.  He said Tate can return to school but he has to take his earrings out.

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