Firefighters in hot water for building golf course behind fire station

(WMC-TV) - The town of Collierville handed down a written reprimand to one of its fire fighters for turning some land behind a fire house into a mini golf driving range.

The land behind the fire house on Houston Levee was freshly landscaped into mini golf course by a firefighter.

"We had the employee basically take a town lawn mower, go in the property behind the fire station and cut the grass," said Collierville Assistant Fire Chief Mike Clark.

Town administrators had no beef with the golf game.

The fairway fallout came after Lieutenant Andy Rice filled out a work order to use the town equipment to mow and fertilize some tall grass into greens.

And then there's that other little issue.

"The lot that they cut was not part of town property," said Clark.

Though Lieutenant Rice used a fellow fire fighter's fertilizer to green up the grass, the equipment used to spread it over the greens took some important equipment out of operation for town use.

"They used a four wheeler also and spread some chemicals," Clark explained.

Town administrators found out about the firehouse fairway because a town worker thought the work order seemed peculiar.

But Collierville Assistant Fire Chief Mike Clark finds no humor in the situation.

"Honestly, I can't because it's my job to make sure taxpayers' dollars are spent well and we have to be good stewards of that," he said.

Clark says penalties are par for this course and the lieutenant deserves to be in the rough.

"So we chose to reprimand the employee and we feel what we did was appropriate."

Lieutenant Rice wasn't alone.

Battalion Chief Todd Frazier also received a verbal reprimand for chipping a golf ball behind the station.

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