Exclusive tour inside old Memphis Police headquarters

(WMC-TV) - Memphis City Council members recently called the high price to house Memphis police at the Criminal Justice Center a waste of taxpayer dollars.

But would the price to move the officers into their old headquarters be more than it's worth?

The city pays $118,000 each month to rent police space at 201 Poplar. But they say it would cost an excess of $40 million to renovate the old Central Police building.

WMC-TV took a tour of the old police headquarters, using flashlights to guide their way through the building that does not have power.

Parts of the first floor has areas in such poor repair that they're cordoned off. Doors framed with bricks have seen better days.

In many cases you will find open cavities throughout the building where you can see through to the next floor.

The building was built in 1911. There were money concerns in 1982 when law enforcement made the move to 201 Poplar.

The jails were overcrowded and the building was too old to renovate without breaking the bank.

The area called "The Rotunda" shows beauty among the ruins, but the impressive architecture is now dusty and broken.

Above the rotunda, a glass ceiling looks like it could fall through at any moment.

The city says it costs less than $3,000 each month for the abandoned police headquarters to sit empty.

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