Mother speaks out about fire that killed her 13-month-old son

(WMC-TV) – The mother of a Mid-South toddler is speaking out exclusively to WMC-TV about the night that claimed her son's life, and forever changed the life of his twin brother.

In the interview obtained by Action News 5, the mother of those toddlers say a message sent via Facebook could change the course of the investigation.

Tracey Pierce is in a world of pain.

"It hurts every day. Me and my husband done split up. It just hurts me. I don't know. Sometimes I don't know how to breathe right," said Pierce.

Pierce's 13-month old son Blake died from smoke inhalation after a fire at this home in Trumann, Arkansas, in January.

Neighbors used a baseball bat to break out windows in order to get to Blake, his twin brother Drake, and their 3-year-old brother, Robert. All three boys were asleep in the home when a fire started in a front room.

"I held him for awhile and told him I loved him. And the only thing I could smell was smoke. I mean it was so bad. I mean, it was like caked up on their bodies. They was in there for a long time," Pierce cried.

Also inside, at least one of two babysitters, whose stories do not match up.

Pierce says she was first led to believe her son Robert, who is also known as "Bubba", started the fire while playing with a lighter.

"And at first when I believed that my three year old son set the fire, I was at peace with God and everything," said Pierce.

But Pierce says a Facebook message sent by one of the babysitters to a family friend now leads her to believe otherwise.

Niena Armstrong received the message. It read, "I really need to talk to someone--I really effed up. Bubba didn't set the fire, I know. I can't never tell anyone what happened, it was supposed to have went out, I need help."

Armstrong shared the Facebook message with police and WMC-TV spoke to the babysitter who allegedly sent it.

That babysitter is related to Pierce and did not want to appear on camera.

She told Ursula Madden that her Facebook account was hacked and that a hacker sent the message. She claims she was not at the home when the fire started.

But the other babysitter, a man who also declined to be on camera, said the female was inside the home at the time of the fire.

It is all just too much for the grieving mother who says she does not know what to believe.

"I don't know. I just want something to happen. I mean my son is suffering every day. Now he can't even go out sometimes, but they can do whatever they want," said Pierce.

Though Drake survived the fire that killed his brother, he now breathes through a trache and is fed through a feeding tube.

His mom wants justice, whatever that may be, for the survivors of a fire that changed her family forever.

The Trumann Fire Department says they have completed their investigation and turned it over to police.

WMC-TV confirmed at least one babysitter was interviewed by officers.

Tracey Pierce said she was told by an officer, who is no longer with the department, that an arrest could be made but Trumann police would only tell WMC-TV that the case is still open.

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