Fire crews spend night putting out hotspots at Isaac Hayes former mansion

(WMC-TV) – Fire crews spent all of Wednesday night on the scene of a fire at the 7,200 foot square mansion that used to belong to the late Isaac Hayes.  They focused on putting out hotspots that burned throughout the night.

According to WMC-TV crews who were on the scene, there were three people at the home when the fire started.  They were able to make it out suffering minor smoke inhalation but no injuries.

Chopper 5 was above the fire in Cordova where huge flames were visible from the air.

"We live through the woods behind this house, so the smoke was getting our neighborhood pretty bad," said neighbor Mitch Buse.

"As the wind kept blowing it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger," Connor Buse said.

The fire was so big Shelby County Fire called both city and county resources to help contain it.

"The fire load was just too great. Lot of hot gas inside the house. We've had our hands full tonight," Brent Perkins of the Shelby County Fire Department said.

The $1.4 million home was foreclosed on after Isaac Hayes' death.

He was a musician and legend at Stax Records. He was also known for being the voice of "Chef" in SouthPark.  He died of a heart attack inside the mansion.

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