Mother arrested for beating child with extension cord

(WMC-TV) - News of 48 year-old Brenda Mitchell's arrest for child abuse and neglect prompted friends to drop by her duplex in Parkway Village.

"She's a good friend of mine," said Arlinda Yarbrough.

Mitchell is charged with beating her 16=-year-old daughter with an extension cord for missing school.

"I'm 60 years old and I beat the BLEEP out of my kids if they skip school, spill anything.  I'm from the old school," said Yarbrough.

According to court records, responding officers not only saw Ms. Mitchell with an extension cord wrapped around her hand, but they say she was yelling at her daughter in the front yard.

Police say Mitchell admitted to striking her daughter with the extension cord and that the girl's brother held her down while she did it.

"I can't say it's appropriate, but you've got to treat a kid accordingly," said Yarbrough.

Some neighbors don't believe the punishment fit the crime.

"Hmm, extension cord? That's a little too much," said Michelle Manning, who lives nearby. "Yea, I think that's wrong to beat her with an extension cord, but it was wrong for her to skip school though, cause it's hard out here. You need to go to school."

Some neighbors think a more appropriate punishment would have been for Mitchell to take away her daughter's phone or not allow her to leave the house after school.

At last check, Mitchell was still in jail with on a $1,000 bond.  Action News 5 is told her teenage daughter, who is also a mother, is in state custody while DCS investigates.

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