Family: Man that took off with toddler is a good father

Ayden Fowlkes
Ayden Fowlkes
Jonathan Fowlkes
Jonathan Fowlkes

(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South father is in jail after going on the run with his 2-year-old son.

Jonathon Fowlkes is charged with domestic assault, child abuse, and aggravated burglary, but his family suggests that people do not know the whole story.

Fowlkes mother, Jackie, and his sister, Holly, said that he lives for his son, Ayden.

"If the child is upset, hurt, sad, he goes to Johnny. That's who takes care of him. That's who keeps him, feeds him, changes him. He's a great person and a good father," said Fowlkes' sister, Holly.

But Fowlkes is locked up in the Tipton County Jail after an overnight AMBER Alert stemmed from a situation that happened at his recently estranged wife's parents' house.

"The grandparents were keeping the child. Babysitting the child for their mother," said Donna Turner, Tipton County Sheriff's Office. "And Mr. Fowlkes came in to the residence and there was a domestic argument, a dispute that erupted."

That is when police say he left with Ayden.

Turner said the AMBER Alert was necessary to attract eyes and ears.

"Because of the manner, the reckless manner in which he was leaving then, there was a possibility of injury to the child by striking the child on different objects, bannisters, floors, those type things. So that was our biggest urgency was to make sure the child was okay," Turner explained.

By dawn, Fowlkes turned himself in and Ayden was not hurt.

"My son is not a criminal. My son went to retrieve his child from a house where his mother was not there," said his mother, Jackie Fielder. "The only thing he was under the influence at the time was mad."

Jackie and Holly said they believe all charges should be dropped. But investigators say they are considering filing more.

At this time, there is no legal custodial agreement in the separation.

The only items on Fowlkes' record are misdemeanor driving charges.

His mother said he has never had trouble with the law.

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