Going green goes awry at TN state office

(WMC-TV) – The state tried to conduct an eco-friendly experiment at the Shelby County Driver Service's Center, but it all ended when people started to complain.

The state took great care in remodeling the service center, but the grounds surrounding the 1-year-old facility suggests that nobody cares. The landscape has not been manicured since the center reopened in May 2011.

When Greg Gunther went to obtain a state I.D., he admired the wildflowers amidst a sea of mostly overgrown weeds.

"It was startling because, you know, the maintenance in the parks in our city is just horrible," he said.

Surprisingly, the state department that operates the facility intended it to be this way. Sort of.

When the building was remodeled, the state hired a landscaper to design what is called a "rainforest concept". It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and saves the state money on water and maintenance.

Greg Gunther is all about going green. He even prefers two wheels over four. However, he thinks the states eco-effort was poorly executed.

"They could have done a better job because there's chick weed and all kinds of like this stuff, I don't know what this is called but that's just nasty," he said.

Landscapers told state officials a rainforest concept would take three years to fully mature. But the state has been getting so many complaints that they have decided to call it quits.

In a matter of weeks, a new landscaping will be chosen to weed out the bad and install a dose of nature that is little easier on eye.

The state is currently taking bids from a new landscaper who should be in place within a month or so. But state general services employees will be on the grounds even sooner to do some clean up.

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