Grizz defend Chris Paul

(WMC-TV)  Chris Paul plays the point guard position like an art form; the basketball his brush, the court his canvas.  So trying to disrupt the artist at work, is not an easy task.

"Chris Paul's a great player.  We had three of four guys trying to guard him, he scored on all of them. Who do you want me to put on him? I can't put myself out there, I'm too old," said Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins, who was named to the NBA all-defensive team twice.

But even though the coach can't get back on the court to take on Paul himself, he may have found a secret weapon on his bench who can help.

"A luxury for me is I was his teammate last year in New Orleans, I got a chance to play one-on-one with him, workout with him before the lockout.", said Guard-Forward Quincy Pondexter

Pondexter, the Grizzlies swing man, has gone from playing with Paul a season ago, to trying to slow him down in the playoffs.

Hollins inserted Pondexter into Game two during the second and fourth quarters, and found himself matched up with Paul on several plays.  The pair was on the court together for just 8 minutes, and during that time Paul made just two shots.  Pondexter learned a lot from Paul when the two played together, and now he's sharing that knowledge with his new teammates to help shut down the Clippers' star.

"I tell them little tidbits about what he likes to do, and they see what works, and you know we are all professionals, we all watch film on him, in the end I think everyone in this locker room knows what Chris likes to do," stated Pondexter.

Chris Paul's artistry cannot be stopped, sore groin and all, as Paul dropped in 29 points in game two.

As long as Memphis wins The Grizzlies will take it, even if it's not exactly how they drew it up.

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