Hardeman County neighbors fear for missing family

(WMC-TV) - Friends of Jo Ann Bain have been frantically trying to find her and three daughters.

"Why wasn't something done before now?  Why did they put an amber alert on these babies last night?  This could have been prevented," said Stephanie Crowe, a friend of the family.

Crowe says her step-daughter is classmates with missing 14-year-old daughter Adrienne Bain.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Adam Mayes for the kidnapping of Jodi Bain and her three children, Adrienne, 12-year-old Alexandria, and 8-year-old Kyliyah.

Investigators say Mayes may have changed his and the missing victims appearances.  Something Crowe says her step-daughter and Adrienne had discussed.

"She sat up and said oh my God!  Adrienne told me Thursday that she was getting her hair dyed this weekend.  She said like a red, auburn color maybe," stated Crowe

Carey Joyner, another family friend, spent the afternoon hanging up these missing persons flyers.

"All over Memphis, all up and down the interstate, trying to put posters up to see if anybody seen them.  It's sad because three kids and a mother just came up missing and nobody knows where they are," said Joyner.

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