Old Celebration Station to become church

(WMC-TV)  Right now everything at the old abandoned Celebration Station facility looks in disrepair, but that is about to change.

A congregation called True Authority Church just bought the old celebration station facility and renovations are going on right now to turn it into a new worship center...

"Excited is not even the word, we are beyond excited we're elated," said Pastor Fredrick Cager, who has big plans for Celebration Station.

"When you trust in God you can see things that other people cannot see, so I can't take any credit its all about God," said Cager

True Authority Pastors say when renovations are complete here you will see a huge worship center, a multi-purpose room, a roof top restaurant and a TV studio.  The go-cart track will also be renovated. Turning the area into a family place where members can worship and have fun.

"I think all of us  are just thrilled and elated at what God has done for our ministry in opening up this door and giving us this opportunity to go into this location," stated Cager.

At one time the building was one of the hottest places families could go for amusement.  Now church leaders are hoping that many of those same families will come back for worship,"

For now True Authority Church members are worshipping in a temporary office building near Celebration Station.  Plans are to move in as soon as possible.

"To be honest with you we have people who have been telling us we are just waiting for you to go into that building," said Cager.

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