Manhunt for Adam Mayes heats up with $50k reward

The road is closed near the home where federal agents are digging in the backyard.
The road is closed near the home where federal agents are digging in the backyard.

(WMC-TV) - State troopers and FBI agents are no longer digging up the yard of the home where two bodies were found in Alpine, Mississippi.

Highway 9 near the home was shut down while authorities dug for clues.  It has since been reopened.

The home where investigators have been searching is associated with the man suspected of kidnapping Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, Alexandria, and Kyliyah.

"There's a bunch of them [police]. I just hope they do their jobs safely and they catch him, bring him to justice," said Alpine resident Tyler Hutcheson.

He is talking about Adam Mayes, the focus of the manhunt.

The FBI is leading the case. Agents say their main focus is the safety and well-being of the Bain family.

"I hope and pray that they catch this guy and I hope them babies are still alive. I mean, I'm hoping for the best for them babies," said Sarah Stinson, who lives in Alpine.

Mississippi state troopers are stopping motorists and checking inside the trunks of their vehicles.

The manhunt for Mayes has the town of Alpine very concerned.

"So I tell you, it's been scary, scary. For my kids and me, everybody's been scared. It's just awful," said resident Sarah Stinson.

"We're trying to keep our kids locked in the house, trying to keep 'em from going outside because it's just been a real shocker to that kind of neighborhood to have nothing like that to ever go on like that," said Heather Jones, who lives in Alpine.

The sheriff said Mayes may or may not still be in the area.

Action News 5's Janice Broach spoke with Adam Mayes sister in law, Bobbi Booth.

Booth said Mayes' wife, Theresa, is being held in the Hardeman county jail.

We cannot confirm Theresa Mayes is in the jail.

Booth said she knew at some point last week Mayes was in his backyard in Alpine digging a hole.

The sister-in-law also said Mayes dated Jo Ann Bain before she married her current husband, Gary.

A reward of $50,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of Adam Mayes.

Authorities have not yet released the identity of the bodies found near the home but an FBI spokesman told WMC-TV they hope to do that soon.

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