Students arrested for lighting trash can fire

(WMC-TV) – Just days after explosions at Craigmont High School, students were once again forced from class.

Students were rushed from the building Monday afternoon after someone set a trash can on fire.

Investigators arrested and charged two 15-year-old boys with arson in connection to Monday's incident. It was a crime that frightened both parents and students.

"That's crazy. Really, I don't think something like that should be happening at Craigmont," said student Devante Prescott. "We evacuated outside, then we went to the gym because they wanted to make sure we were safe and everything."

According to Memphis City Schools, the fire was extinguished immediately. The kids went back to class. School officials are checking to see how the fire started.

This isn't the first incident of this nature at Craigmont High School.

Last week, Leviticus Lacy, Shaquille Watson, and Tarif Johnson, were all arrested for setting off two homemade bombs in the halls.

"When they do something like that, you're at a loss for words because you can't wrap your mind around somebody having that mindset," said Mark Johnson, a parent. "Even if it's a prank. Nobody has control over the outcome of a prank or something like that anyway."

"Students need to be held accountable and the parents need to be responsible for raising their children in cooperation with the teachers," said parent Volar Prescott.

Memphis City Schools security has been more vigilant on campus since last week's incident. School officials say they want to ensure a safe end of the school year for students.

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