Couple dead after domestic dispute

(WMC-TV) - A Tunica County couple is dead after what investigators are calling a domestic dispute.

Investigators found Robert Roach, 27, and Terri Lynne Chambers, 43, underneath a carport with gunshot wounds.

"Parents called 911 in regards to shots being fired at their residence," said Tunica County Sheriff's Captain Cedric Davis.

Davis said Roach and stayed together behind Roach's parents' home in the 1700 block of Butler Road near the Dundee, Mississippi community.

"There was a trailer or mobile home or something behind the parents home they all lived on the same premises," Davis said.

Detectives with gloves and unmarked cars were scouring the scene for clues as the coroner took the bodies to the state crime lab.

"Some sort of domestic dispute occurred; we're still looking at what led to the dispute to determine what made the situation escalate into this," said Davis.

As of Tuesday, authorities believed Roach shot Chambers before turning the gun on himself, but they're waiting for official results from the autopsy on Wednesday.

Davis said domestic disputes are common, but did offer advice for feuding couples to avoid tragic endings.

"Just walk away, let the situation cool off and then you come back and speak to each other calm and cool and collect."

The sheriff's department is looking to see if there was a history of violence between the couple.

Autopsy results are expected back Wednesday.

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