Former Mason council member talks about $100K stolen from city hall

(WMC-TV) - The state spotlight is on the tiny town of Mason, Tennessee tonight after an audit revealed thousands of dollars of missing money.

A former alderwoman is speaking out about how she tried to prevent something like this from happening.

"I was a taxpayer there and I felt like they were taking from me and the rest of them," says former alderwoman Abbey Cross.

Cross says it'll more than likely be a few more days until Mason residents find out what happened to the nearly $100,000 stolen from city coffers.

Cross served on the city board for nearly three years before resigning because of the city's money troubles.

"I asked the mayor at a meeting, don't you sign off on all this money? The city recorder is supposed to keep tally of all that and it was like it was none of our business," she says.

Former town clerk Arnita Mitchell plead guilty to stealing the money from city hall.

State auditors determined Mitchell stole nearly $100 from every man, woman, and child in Mason.

Abbey Cross said she tried to ask for more accountability of Mason's money.

She says Mason Mayor David Ward told her to watch what she said because the city could be in for a lawsuit.

"I was voted in by the townspeople but I felt like I was alone as an alderwoman," Cross continues.

Cross, who recently moved out of Mason, says she's kept minutes from every meeting while she was on the city board.

She says she has nothing to hide.

"Where is the town's money, where is the town's money going?" she asks.

District Mike Dunavant says he's working with the Mason City Attorney and a private CPA to get to the bottom of this financial crisis.

He says if something isn't done quickly, he'll demand the ouster of Mason's mayor, David Ward.

The financial mess is scheduled to be discussed at the next city board meeting on May 14th.

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