Wipe your criminal record clean... for a fee

(WMC-TV) – Did you know that for a fee, you could have your criminal record wiped clean?

It is a new bill that will become law in the state of Tennessee later this year.

If it has been five years since you committed a non-violent or non-sexual crime, for $350 you could clear your record.

Memphis representative Karen Camper, along with Memphis Senator Reginald Tate, passed the legislation with broad support.

"There's some 650,000 people that my potentially qualify," said Rep. Camper on the phone. "I got 40 people on the house side to sign on. Republican, Democrat, black, white, young, old, it didn't matter from east to west Tennessee."

So who qualifies?

People who committed non-violent theft, fraud, vandalism or other non-violent crimes may qualify. They must have paid all restitution and penalties, and stayed crime-free for five years.

If you have done that, you will be able to go to the county clerk's office, fill out a form, pay the $350 fee, submit the paperwork, and then a general sessions judge will have the final say.

The legislation becomes law July 1, whether the governor signs it or not. Early estimates have it generating some $7 million for the state of the Tennessee each year.

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