Surveillance video of Adam Mayes surfaces

Adam Mayes was caught on surveillance video on April 30 in Guntown, MS.
Adam Mayes was caught on surveillance video on April 30 in Guntown, MS.

(WMC-TV) – Surveillance video has surfaced of kidnapping suspect Adam Mayes. The video was recorded just three days after Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters went missing from Hardeman County.

The video shows Mayes with short hair, buying sodas from the County Line One Market in Guntown, Mississippi. The video was recorded at about 4:45 p.m. on April 30. That is one day before a warrant was issued for Mayes.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation believes he cut his hair. In fact, owner Nick Barghouthi made reference to the haircut, and Mayes acknowledged it.

"Yeah, he comes in here all the time. Once a week at least," Barghouthi said.

The last time Mayes stopped here at the store was last Monday, days before the bodies of Jo Ann Bain and her oldest daughter were found in shallow graves just a few miles away in the town of Alpine.

Barghouthi said he is surprised the murders may have already occurred by the time he and Mayes casually conversed over the counter.

"Very calm, very polite. That's why I'm surprised," he said. "Somebody that calm and polite, and does that...that's a lot to put together."

The manhunt for Mayes and Bain's two younger daughters, whom he is said to have baby-sat, did not intensify until nearly a week after the convenience store encounter. Heavily armed officers have followed leads in multiple locations since then, including the Birmingham Ridge area near the store.

Longtime resident Lena House said officers searched the woods early Tuesday after a neighbor reported seeing a man who looked like Mayes.

"She said they went all back around there and all around here," House said.

The store owner who never would have pegged Mayes as a kidnapper or killer believes he and the girls may be long gone by now.

"If you do something like that, if you have any brains, you wouldn't be here," Barghouthi said of Mayes.

He is considered extremely dangerous.

The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Adam Mayes and the location of the two girls.

In the meantime, Mayes' wife, Teresa, and his mother, Mary Frances, are under arrest and face charges associated with the family's kidnapping.

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