Hardeman county residents gather to remember and pray for Bain family

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) – In Hardeman County Tuesday night, it was a night to remember the mother and daughter taken too soon and two young girls still at the center of a desperate search.

As the families mourn the deaths of Joann Bain and Adrienne Bain, they also sit and wait hoping for news their missing daughters are okay. Tuesday night the town came together to pray and show support.

"Throughout our community, it's really been devastating to learn about how they disappeared. And then we learn about their deaths," family friend Don Hammon said.

Hardeman County residents put green ribbons on their cars and wore them. They say green was a favorite color of the Bain children. They gathered to remember and bring hope.

"Just praying for them and hoping the other two girls come home safe," said friend Kristin Tettleton.

This vigil was held near the same ball field where the Bain children played.

Megan Ervin was on a team with 14-year-old Adrienne Bain, discovered dead with her mother buried in the backyard of the trailer in Union County where suspect Adam Mayes lived with his wife and parents.

"She was really quiet but she didn't have trouble making friends. If she got to know you she could talk with you," Ervin said.

People wrote notes and attached them to balloons that were launched in the air.

"To show her how to get to heaven," friend Sabrena Frame said.

Frame played baseball with 8-year-old Kaliyah Bain who is still missing along with her sister, 12-year-old Alexandria.

These friends of the Bain family and people just concerned don't know what to think. They do know they wanted to be here together.

"Just to try to remember and offer our prayers up for the girls hoping they come home safely," said friend Nancy Hammon.

Gary Bain, the husband of Jo Ann Bain and the biological father of 8 year old Kaliyah is too upset to talk right now.  Mark Johnson the biological father of 14 year old Adrienne and Alexandria is also too upset to talk. Relatives say they are devastated.

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