Former FBI profiler weighs in on search for Bain girls

Adam Mayes
Adam Mayes

(WMC-TV) - From Whiteville, Tennessee to Guntown, Mississippi and beyond, Mid-South residents have many unanswered questions regarding the whereabouts of Jo Ann Bain's two youngest daughters and why Adam Mayes would want to kidnap them.

As the case unfolds, a former FBI profiler is analyzing the case.

Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning to weigh in on the nationwide manhunt for Adam Mayes and Joann Bain's two youngest daughters.

Van Zandt said based on his experience, wanted suspect Adam Mayes is more than likely watching coverage of the case.

Meanwhile, FBI agents are trying to protect Jo Ann Bain's two youngest daughters.

"I think the FBI knows the answers and I think the FBI has kinda put a silence on this because even right now, there's a good chance the suspect is watching us and trying to develop information," says Van Zandt.

Van Zandt weighed in on what could motivate Mayes to target members of the Bain family.

"There are a lot of stories going around about the special relationships that may have existed and the kidnapping itself may have been some type of panic with the mom and three daughters moving out west. If he had a special relationship and saw them leaving, this may have been a panic reaction on his part," he adds.

Van Zandt says the bottom line is that the two Bain girls are found safe and sound.

"Whatever he's done in the past is over with but there are two young girls and they have a whole life ahead of them and he has the ability if they're still alive to bring them to authorities to help in this thing in the best manner he can and we hope he takes that chance," Van Zandt continues.

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