Agencies search Union County, MS for missing Bain sisters

(WMC-TV) – A nationwide effort is underway to bring two young girls home safe. The search continues for the Bain sisters and their mother's accused killer, after their alleged captor was added to the FBI's most wanted list.

A neighbor of Adam Mayes was arrested Wednesday for having an unrelated outstanding warrant. But so far no sign of Mayes or the sisters he's accused of kidnapping.

Outside the market where suspected kidnapper and killer Adam Mayes was caught on camera days before he vanished with two young sisters, Teresa Hazel hoped he would soon be in custody. And that 12-year-old Alexandria and 8-year-old Kyliyah Bain would be found, unharmed.

"I have three daughters of my own, so it's a scary thought knowing someone who is supposed to be a family friend has those girls and has done what he's done and might end up doing," Hazel said.

Adam Mayes is suspected of doing plenty already, including digging shallow graves behind his trailer for Jo Ann Bain and her oldest daughter before disappearing with the younger girls.

Chopper 5 captured exclusive video Wednesday afternoon of a hunting camp not far from the trailer where armed officers searched for Mayes and the Bain sisters, to no avail.

"I think they pretty much cleared every daggone thing back there," said Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards.

Chopper 5 actually assisted in the search by taking agents up so they could survey some woods.

Meanwhile, an armored vehicle joined the other equipment at the command center in Guntown, from where tireless officers work around the clock.

"Especially when kids are involved, you seem not to get as tired when you're tasked to work day and night," FBI Agent In Charge Aaron Ford said.

Although the two girls may be anywhere in the country with their captor by now, officers will remain in Union County as long as they believe an intense search is effective.

The reward for information leading to Mayes was raised to $175,000 Wednesday after he was put on the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

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