Teresa Mayes's sister speaks

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Action News 5 talked with Teresa Mayes Wednesday afternoon. She said her sister likely cannot even comprehend what is happening, or why she is behind bars. Mayes's attorney said her only concern appeared to be her husband Adam Mayes and the safe release of the children.

"She knows they were alive when she last saw them. She doesn't have any reason to think anything different at this point," Teresa Mayes's Attorney Shana Johnson said.

Teresa Mayes and her husband Adam are charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of Jo Ann Bain and her 14-year-old daughter Adrienne. Mayes told investigators she watched Adam commit the murders outside the Bain home in Whiteville. Then Teresa Mayes said she drove the bodies and the two younger Bain Sisters to their trailer in Union County, Mississippi.

Bobbi Booth, Teresa Mayes's sister said her sister is mentally challenged and easily manipulated.

"She's always been that way with Adam with anything. If Adam tells her to do something, she does that. That's why she hasn't spoken to me for 11 years," Booth said.

Teresa Mayes told investigators Adam planned to kidnap the two younger Bain sisters and the murders are connected to that. She said Adam Mayes, a family friend of the Bain's was fascinated with the girls, especially one of them.

"The kids would come to visit and he would have the girls in the bedroom and lock the door and not let my sister in there," said Booth.

Booth said the Mayes family moved to Mississippi soon after that because someone contacted authorities.

Bobbi Booth said her sister has been married to Adam Mayes for 11 years. She said the families knew each other from childhood in Florida and then Georgia.

Booth also said her sister should get a mental evaluation. Teresa Mayes's attorney requested that and a judge signed an order. Another court hearing is scheduled for Teresa Mayes and her mother in law later this month.

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