Classmates cope with the disappearance of the Bain sisters

(WMC-TV) - As the nation focuses on the manhunt for Adam Mayes and the search for the missing Bain sisters, the young girls' classmates are seeking the comfort of counselors.

Despite rumors the family had already relocated to Arizona, all three Bain sisters were still attending classes in Bolivar, Tennessee.

Adrienne Bain, 14, was a freshman at Bolivar High School until the day before she disappeared.

Principal Fred Kessler is working with staff counselors and crisis intervention teams to help students deal with their classmate's violent death.

"Adrienne had a number of close friends and I've seen those friends huddled together comforting each other," said principal Kessler.

Bain's murder and the disappearance of her two young sisters is having an impact on the Bolivar School District at every level.

Alexandria Bain, 12, attends middle school and Kyliyah, 8, is in elementary school.

"It's really hard, it's been really hard on faculty and our administration and we are just trying to keep the children in a routine but yet be sensitive to what they are going through," said Amy Sain, school counselor.

For the youngest students, the Bain family tragedy is the stuff nightmares are made of.

"I think they think that somebody came and stole their friends and I think they're scared that someone is going to do it to them," said district social worker Emily Thompson.

Posting green ribbons has helped distract them from their fears. They represent hope that Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain will return home safe, and soon.

"That's what we all are hoping for and praying for and that is our primary concern right now," said principal Bobby Doyle.

Faculty members say they have never had to deal with a crisis of this magnitude.

Counselors are encouraging parents to talk with their children.

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