Murdered mother's friend speaks out to squash rumors

Jo Ann Bain
Jo Ann Bain
Adam Mayes
Adam Mayes

(WMC-TV) – A friend of Jo Ann Bain is frustrated by all of the speculation surrounding the case. She spoke with Action News 5 to defend her friend's character and shed new insight into the connection between the mother, and her accused murderer.

At a baby shower in 1997, 17-year-old Jo Ann Bain was celebrating the upcoming birth of her first born daughter, Adrienne.

"She was ecstatic, she was super happy to be having a little girl," said Becky Bryant, Jo Ann's close friend.

Bryant says Bain had daughters Adrienne and Alexandria with her high school sweetheart from Bolivar Central High. After the two divorced, Bain remarried and had her third daughter, Kyliyah.

"She was a joy to be around, she never met a stranger, she was happy," Bryant explained.

She said the Bains moved from Whiteville to Arizona, but in 2009 they relocated to Missisippi in order to take care of Jo Ann Bain's mother-in-law.

Bryant believes that is when Bain met Adam Mayes, the man accused of killing her and her 14-year-old daughter. He is also accused of kidnapping her two youngest daughters. Bryant resents speculation that Mayes and Bain were anything more than friends.

"I don't want my friend's reputation smeared because people want to talk," said Bryant.

As she monitors news reports for word of Adam Mayes' arrest and the safe return of Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain, she is frustrated by the rumor mill.

"Right now that doesn't matter, what matters is bringing the girls home and that's what I want the public to focus on. Please, stop the rumors stop the speculation," Bryant urged.

Bryant was texting with Jo Ann on April 26, the day before she disappeared. She was excited about returning to Arizona.

Now friends are preparing for two funerals and praying for two little girls to come home.

Bryant said she does not have hatred toward Adam Mayes, but she is praying for him and hoping that if he does not intend to turn himself in, that he will let the girls go and let someone know where they are.

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