Alpine neighbor believes Mayes may have been hiding next door

(WMC-TV)  A neighbor in Alpine says she spotted a sign of what may have been Adam Mayes the night before his capture.

Stacy Stacks said the house across the street from her has been empty for a couple of weeks, so when she saw what looked like a candle light, she called investigators.

She says FBI agents searched the area.

"They came and they were looking around here and thought he might have been over there," Stacks said.

Busted blinds can be seen through the window, and Stacks said the blinds had been in perfect shape.

The vacant home sits less than a mile from the church where Mayes was caught with the two Bain sisters.

Zion Hill Baptist Church's pastor Matt Long says it wasn't a complete shock that Mayes was on their property.

"We had thought all along that it might be a place that he would hide," Long said.

Long said the FBI searched the area two days before his capture, and that's why Stacks thinks Mayes moved several times.

Church services were canceled for Wednesday after agents swarmed the area.

"They did advise us after searching the church on Tuesday, not to have services Wednesday night; we do have quite a few kids that come," said Long.

After Mayes' capture the Alpine community is getting back to normal.

"It's a relief to know that he's gone," Stacks said.

She said she knew Mayes and his family, but never thought he would be the center of a manhunt.

Down the road from Alpine in Guntown, the once FBI command post looked like just another parking lot.

There were almost no signs that the area was flooded with agents in armor the day before.

Long said the agents' presence did calm the nerves of the community.

"We felt safe in the area because there were so many patrols going around," Long said.

With the Bain girls safe and Mayes dead, the people and community are ready to move on.

"We'll pray for the girls, we'll praise God and worship their safe return," Long said about his church's Sunday plans.

Stacks is just thankful to again shut both eyes at night.

"I slept good last night," she said.

On Friday, it appeared Stacks was not the only one who was relieved. Kids were playing in the front yard, people were sitting on their front porch and talking with other neighbors.

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