Rescuers recall finding sisters and Mayes

(WMC-TV)  Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Officer Lee Ellington along with a fellow officer and a State police officer were the first to spot Adam Mayes and the two young Bain girls.  They described finding Mayes and the sisters in a wooded area not far from Mayes trailer at a news conference today in Jackson, Mississippi.

"Probably 60 yards down the logging road to the left, a blue jug laying down by the wood line caught my attention," said Sergeant Steve Crawford with the Mississippi State Police.

The Fish and Wild life officers turned and took about 5 more steps.

"Within seconds of that was when our fellow officers spotted the 3 individuals," stated Lieutenant Ellington.

Ellington with MS Fish and Wildlife saw Mays and the two young girls lying face down.  Within 10 seconds of their arrival Mayes sat up and shot himself in the head.  Ellington said the girls did not react.

"They were rather stoic almost relieved they were going to leave that situation," said Ellington

According to Ellington, the girls did not cry and said they had not eaten or had anything to drink for three days.

"At the end of the day two young ladies were turned over to their father safely," said Ellington

The FBI says the investigation is not over and there could be still more arrests.  As for the $170,000 reward, investigators say someone likely will get it.  Just who that might be is not being revealed at this time.

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