Friend of kidnapped girl excited her classmate is home safe

(WMC-TV) - Paige Hutchens, is one of Alexandria Bain's classmates at Bolivar Middle School. She is also one of the many in the Hardeman County community, welcoming the Bain sisters back home this weekend.

Hutchens says she has been filled with emotion ever since the girls were located.

"I was about to ball in the classroom, she said. "Someone said Paige don't cry, don't cry!"

Overjoyed that her close friend and classmate Alexandria Bain has been found alive and unharmed, Paige Hutchens is now breathing a sigh of relief.

Thursday, authorities rescued 12 year-old Alexandria and 8 year-old Kyliyah Bain. They also found Adam Mayes, the man suspected of abducting them and killing the girls' mother Joe Ann and sister, 14 year old Adrienne Bain at their Tennessee home on April 27.

"My cousin said Adam Mayes killed himself," Hutchens said. "And I said, did they find Alex dead and her sister? And she said the girls are alive. I went through the house crying and screaming and stuff, hugging my grandma and brother."

Hutchens says Alexandria told her recently that she and her family were preparing to move at the end of the school year.

"It was like about two or three weeks before," said Hutchens. "She (Alexandria) said in about a month we're about to move to Arizona. And I said no, don't leave me. I'll miss you."

Before the girls were found, the FBI warned that Mayes may have changed his appearance and the appearances of the two girls.

"She did cut her hair right before, she had it cut short like to my length, but her hair used to be long," Hutchens told us.

Hutchens also told Action News 5, she can't wait to welcome Alexandria back home and she wishes her the best.

"I hope that she'll have more confidence in herself," said Hutchens. "That she can help others with problems like that."

Hutchens says she has tried to contact Alexandria by phone, but was told by one of Alexandria's relatives that she should try calling again some other time.

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