Memphis man donates kidney to ailing mother

(WMC-TV)  In 17-years as a fireman Sammy Burford has helped a lot of people...but perhaps no one is more grateful to Burford than his mother Linda Nunnelee - for the help he gave her this year.

Back in January Burford gave his mother the gift of life by donating his kidney to her.  The transplant took place at Methodist University Hospital and was a big success.

"Ah it was a joy, ah my mother has always been there for my family she has been the back bone of our family.  To see her skin color is good she looks healthy and she looks happier than I recall every seeing her," said Burford.

Burford has been chronicling the transplant with pictures he posts from his laptop computer.  He says his sister and brother also volunteered to donate a kidney, but that he was the best match.

"Everybody was telling me what a wonderful gift this was and I said it's really not a big deal.  I said my mother gave me two kidneys when I was born and I just gave her one of them back," stated Burford.

Burford says since the transplant, his mom has experienced a few complications and for the past two weeks she has been in the hospital.  The good news is she was released this morning, on Mother's Day, and is now at home.  Meanwhile, Burford says he has no regrets about donating to his mother and would do it again.

"And the second we knew that she had to have a transplant I said put me first down on the list to get tested," said Burford.

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