Casino worker was second victim in roadside shootings

(WMC-TV) - A casino worker from Hernando was one of the first victim's of a roadside killer.

Police say the body of Lori Carswell was discovered on the side of Highway 713 in Tunica County, near her car early Friday morning.

Another victim was found in Panola County earlier in the week on Tuesday.

Lori Anne Carswell lived in Hernando, but her father told Action News 5 Monday that she worked at one of the casinos in Tunica.

Investigators say the circumstances of Carswell's homicide are similar to the shooting death of an elderly man found shot in his car along Interstate 55 in Panola County. Because both victims' cars were found on the side of the road, authorities are looking at the possibility that someone may be posing as an officer attempting to pull people over.

Neighbors like Melanie Tower say it's a frightening thought.

"I have one that drives and I always want to know where she is and it's like 'Call me when you get there and let me know you're OK,'" said Tower.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance warns citizens to be extra careful if they are pulled over.

"If someone attempts to pull them over using flashing lights and they feel unsafe or unsure about who that person is to use your cell phone call 911 and let the dispatcher confirm that it is a true police officer or deputy sheriff," Sheriff Lance explained.

Until investigators release more information, Tower said she may do less driving.

"I think I'm going to stay local for awhile," she said.

Investigators are still looking for any tips that may help them solve these crimes, if you know anything call 1-888-827-4637.

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