Facebook page created for those frustrated by Delta Airlines

(WMC-TV) - Some Memphis residents are so frustrated with the high cost to fly in and out of the city with Delta Airlines, they've created a public outlet to release their anger.

It's a facebook group called "Delta Does Memphis". One of the first posts is by Tom Jones of Smart City Consulting. He writes in part, "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!"

He's asking people to share their own Delta horror stories.

Ben Thorp, a Memphis native, lives in Chicago with his fiancé, who is from Detroit. They picked Memphis for their wedding city because it sounded fun. They could have picked anywhere else in the country and now wish they had, because of the high fair costs.

"I want Delta to understand that what they are doing to the good people of Memphis is really unethical and unfair," said Thorp.

Well known Memphis philanthropist, Gayle Rose posted, "I needed to go to Denver for my Aunt's funeral last month. The ticket was $1,400 for coach class, best fare available. It was $450 from Nashville. My Mother flew in from Tucson and it was $200. My sister flew from Omaha and it was $150."

"It isn't that the fares are just higher than anywhere else they're excessive when you compare them to the household income here," said Jones.

Trebor Banstetter with Corporate Communications for Delta Air Lines responded with this statement:

"Airline fares are affected by many factors, including the cost of providing the service, the price of jet fuel, the date and time of purchase, the route traveled, and time, date and season of the flight and the fare class. We offer a wide range of fares in Memphis for both our business and leisure customers.

Memphis enjoys more nonstop air service than most cities its size, thanks to Delta's hub. The airport overall has nearly 200 nonstop flights scheduled for this summer, compared with 90 in Jacksonville, 80 in Louisville, and 60 in Little Rock."

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