Evaluation shows 21% Memphis teachers perform below expectations

(WMC-TV) - A new teacher evaluation reveals 21 percent of Memphis City Schools' teachers are performing below or significantly below expectations.

While 79 percent of MCS teachers are meeting or exceeding expectations, the 21 percent of teachers that did not make the grade are in jeopardy of not being rehired.

Tuesday afternoon, Memphis Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash spoke with Action News 5 by phone about the evaluation results from his 2011-2012 Teacher Effectiveness Measure.

"This database is much, much richer, much, much deeper, more comprehensive than anything we've ever had," said Dr. Cash.

The MCS staff and administration implemented the T.E.M. model, after noticing Tennessee state evaluations gave 95 percent of Memphis City Schools' teachers highly satisfactory ratings, but students were still failing.

The T.E.M. uses five areas of measurement to evaluate teachers:

  • Student Growth
  • Student Achievement
  • Observation of Practice
  • Student Perceptions
  • Teacher Content Knowledge

"What I know is we have five multiple measures. The state has three," he explained.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of the results:

  • 2% Significantly Below Expectations
  • 19% Below Expectations
  • 39% Met Expectations
  • 25% Above Expectations
  • 15% Significantly Above Expectations

Dr. Cash explained how these results will impact MCS.

"That means that some teachers will be recommended for non-reelection. And that number will be higher than it has in the past years," he said.

While specific teachers will not be publicly linked to their rankings, those teachers have been informed how they did.

MCS will tell them in June if they'll be rehired.

Shelby County Schools said their evaluation process is half-way through.

They found 6 percent of teachers are performing below or significantly below expectations.