Paroled DUI offender indicted on alcohol charges in deadly crash

(WMC-TV) - The mother of a Mid-South teenager killed by an alleged drunk driver wants to know why former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoned a repeat offender.

A Pontotoc County grand jury recently indicted Harry Bostick on three counts related to the crash that killed Charity Smith last October near Tupelo.

Investigators say Bostick had been drinking before that crash.

When Bostick was pardoned in January, he was actually in jail awaiting charges for the crash that killed Charity Smith four months earlier.

Now that he's been indicted, Charity's mother says it's her daughter who was forgotten in the pardon controversy.

"I want justice, but no matter what is done it doesn't change the fact I won't ever have my child," said Linda Smith.

A grand jury indicted Harry Bostick on three DUI related charges in the death of Charity Smith.

Smith will never understand the decision to pardon a repeat offender.

"I hope Haley Barbour, I hope he reads what he has done and my child's face, I hope he never forgets her face," Smith said.

Bostick has two DUI convictions. Barbour pardoned him on a third DUI offense, after Bostick's high profile friends wrote to the parole board claiming he had turned his life around.

The parole board gave the former governor a recommendation that Bostick be cleared at the end of September.

About one week later, Bostick was accused of driving drunk and slamming into Charity Smith's car.

"Why did you get in your vehicle knowing you shouldn't?" Linda Smith asked.

Barbour says he didn't know Bostick was in jail at the time his pardon was granted.

Bostick's attorney, Tony Farese, said his client will plead not guilty and says they believe Charity Smith inadvertently pulled out in front of Bostick and that the accident was unavoidable.

Farese said their condolences go out to the family in the tragic accident.

Bostick is out on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges on May 24.