Roadside killer on MPD's radar

(WMC-TV) - 74 year-old Tom Schlender of Raymond, Nebraska was one of two people perhaps randomly picked by the same roadside killer.

The other victim was a casino worker name Lori Carswell who was also shot and killed on the shoulder of a North Mississippi highway three days later.

"At this point, the person has not surfaced here in this area," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong. "But that's not to say that he won't."

Director Armstrong is not overly worried the roadside killer will strike in the city. However, he still had department representatives meet with counterparts in Mississippi to discuss the case.

"We're in constant contact with each other," said Armstrong.

Investigators suspect the suspect posed as a police officer to get his victims to pull over possibly by using blue lights while driving a Ford Crown Victoria.

Director Armstrong said officers in Memphis virtually always make traffic stops in marked cars. But there are things you can do if you have doubts.

"Call the Memphis Police Department's dispatcher, call 545-COPS, tell them where you are," said Armstrong.

He said you could also request the assistance of another officer.

"We want the public to be well-informed and want them to know if there's a doubt then take the necessary precautions to make sure that you're safe," said Armstrong.

For now, there are extra patrols on the highways of North Mississippi and heightened awareness on this side of the state line.

Anyone with information on the roadside killer should call the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations or you local law enforcement agency.