Parents, employees shocked when daycare closes without notice

(WMC-TV) - A Hernando day care shut down without giving any notice to parents and employees.

The building, which was leased by a well-known police officer, seems to be the center of the problem.

Parents and employees at HQ Daycare were blindsided when they showed up to find the doors locked. They cannot believe the daycare closed without any notice.

"I had to go to work and here are my two-year-old daughter now didn't have daycare," said Jenny Vickery, parent.

Not only was Jenny Vickery out of a caregiver, but she lost money with the closure, too.

"They pulled the weekly tuition out of my bank account that Friday when they had closed," she said.

Vickery says $120 was withdrawn from her bank account. Another parent, Sabrina Rodriguez, showed Action News 5 her statement, which had a withdrawal of $500 from HQ Daycare.

Property owners tell Action News 5 that Hernando Police Captain Robert Rayborn has leased the property for years. Captain Rayborn is respected in the community and with his day care customers.

But the property owners say they lost a 'large sum of money' because Rayborn was not paying rent. The partners say after the troubles, they signed an agreement to allow the Rayborns' business to stay in their building through April as long as bills were paid.

Rayborn's attorney says it was a 'callous decision by the property owner' to change the locks on a Thursday night. But when Action News 5 asked him if Rayborn was supposed to be out after April, we were told he had no comment because the matter was under litigation.

"It wasn't fair to the parents and the employees, they didn't know, most of the employees came in that Friday finding out they didn't have a job," said Rodriguez.

Rayborn's attorney said that if customers were billed they will work to resolve the situation.

But the parents say they have lost trust in Rayborn, because they think he knew the daycare was going to close and they wonder why they were not given any notice.

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