Man accused of taking lewd pictures of children with cell phone camera

(WMC-TV) - Cell phone photos sent a 64-year-old man to jail on child pornography charges.

Jimmie Rodgers lives in an apartment complex on Court Avenue. He is accused of lurking outside a neighbor's window and using the camera on his cellular phone to take lewd photos of a prepubescent child.

"He was looking through the window taking inappropriate photos of children which would be considered pornographic in nature," explained Memphis Police Department Lieutenant Wilton Cleveland.

According to an arrest ticket, Rodgers knew the neighboring children.

He told investigators he had been "playing games with them for the past five months."

A search on-line shows that Rodgers is listed on the state sex offender registry as "active" and "violent".

In 1996, he was convicted on attempted sexual battery. He was sentenced to six years, all of which were suspended.

Rodgers is in compliance with his registry and his status does not restrict him from living in the apartment complex.

"Whether he's a convicted sex offender or not, you can't take pictures of children in that manner," said Lt. Cleveland.

Rodgers was arrested Tuesday night.

Police returned on Wednesday to search his apartment as part of a follow up investigation on other issues.

At this point, police say they have no evidence to suggest there are other victims, but they are still investigating.

Rodgers is in jail on $150,000 bond.

He's due in court tomorrow morning.

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