Parents voice concerns about MCS superintendent

(WMC-TV) – Parents are voicing concerns that Memphis City Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash has one foot out the door.

This comes amid unsubstantiated reports that the superintendent plans to step down after the school year ends Friday.

Dr. Cash declined an interview, but his spokesperson says that is untrue. She says the superintendent has every intention of staying until the end of his contract in 2013.

Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash's longevity at Memphis City Schools began pulling at the seams when he interviewed to become Charlotte-Mecklenberg superintendent in April.

Even though he pulled his name from the running, one month later, Memphis residents are not mincing words when asked if they think Dr. Cash will carry out his full contract.

"The first opportunity he gets, he's going to leave Memphis," said resident Ruby Gilliland.

While some support the superintendent, others say Cash's absence from the Shelby County Commission's annual school budget presentation last week spoke volumes.

"Superintendent of schools. He should have been there to present the budget. It's his," said Gilliland.

That day, a school spokesperson said Cash was away on family business.

Cash was also only available by phone to talk about the Tennessee Effectiveness Measure teacher report card Tuesday.

There are also indications Shelby County Superintendent Dr. John Aitken is a more likely candidate to run the consolidated school system when Memphis and Shelby County schools merge next year.

The county school board extended Aitken's contract through June 2015.

The Memphis school board only approved Cash's contract through August 2013 at an annual salary of $276,500, plus bonuses.

A district spokesperson says, "Dr. Cash is just as passionate about the work of Memphis City Schools as he has ever been. He's passionate about the teachers, the students and the district's overall success."

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