DeSoto County Animal Shelter overcrowded with abandoned pets

(WMC-TV) – The DeSoto County Animal Shelter is dealing with a record number of abandoned pets. And that means the shelter is dangerously overcrowded.

The shelter recently took in the largest number of abandoned animals in its eight year history. Monica Mock, with DeSoto County Animal Services, says that is disappointing.

"So far this year we have taken in 996 animals, so almost a thousand this year. We are close to 200 for this month already and some if our head counts are looking like 210 to 220," said Mock.

Those who work at the shelter say this year's exceptionally warm winter is partly to blame.

"It started with an early spring, the warm weather brought early heat and early litters and it just never let up," she continued.

Mock says people not spaying or neutering their pets has brought about a record number of litters.

"If we had some better or newer laws that would institute spay and neuter laws, it would be good, but people need to spay and neuter," Mock advised.

But Mock says the public can pitch in to help the shelter provide care for animals in need.

If you are not in a place to be adopting an animal, you can help by donating cat and dog food to the shelter.

Adoption fees are $25 per animal.  The adoption fee includes basic vaccination, microchipping, and FIV/FELK testing for felines and heartworm testing for puppies older than six months. There is also a two-for-one special on cats and kittens right now.

Additional details can be found on the DeSoto County Animal Shelter website.

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