Investigators still searching for an 'Easy Chair Killer'

(WMC-TV) - Mid-South investigators are the hunt for an "Easy Chair Killer".  And there may be more than one of them.

The case centers around the murder of a north Mississippi woman in her recliner. She was home alone and on the phone with a friend when she was killed.

Investigators hope that Action News 5's story can set fire to the cold case.

"I never expected anything like this to happen to someone in my family," said Charles Simmons, the victim's brother.

Before she was killed in her home, Linda Maddox and her brother Charles became close.

"We got to where we would talk about every weekend. In fact, when the phone call came that day, I looked at the wall clock and I said, 'Linda's early,'" said Charles.

The phone call did not come from Linda. It was Chief Deputy Meyer Gilbert with Cohoma County Sheriff's Office on the line.

"We sent officers to her home in Lurand and discovered she had been shot and killed in her home," said Chief Deputy Gilbert.

Linda Maddox lived in a trailer in Mississippi at the end of a dirt road with just a few neighbors nearby. She was surrounded by farm land.

An autopsy report shows Linda Maddox was shot just behind her left earlobe. The bullet traveled from left to right, severing her brain stem, exiting behind the right ear.

Investigators never found the bullet.

"And I was told when they walked in, Linda's chair was turned over, she was on the floor, and the little dogs were over there trying to protect her," explained Charles.

If only Linda's dogs could talk.

But there was a witness. Linda's friend in Southaven did not see what happened but heard part of it while talking to Linda on the phone.

"Her friend heard her go silent and say to someone in the background, 'What are you doing in here? I told you I don't have any more money.' Then the phone went dead," said Charles.

Her friends say she had a regular routine. On Saturday she would go to the bank, then she would go to the grocery store.

Investigators say 65-year-old Linda Maddox was a retired social worker and had no enemies.

But they think Linda knew her killer.

"Could have been somebody who did some work for her, could have been somebody she helped out in the past any number of scenarios could pop up," said Chief Deputy Gilbert.

Chief Gilbert says investigators have suspects but have not been able to connect all the dots.

"We have some suspicions on some people, but we don't have any evidence to tie them in," he said.

For Charles Simmons, he thinks about the way his sister died every day.

"You see the pictures. My sister was a large person. There's no way she could have got out of that chair and chased them or done anything like that. It was just pure meanness that did that," said Charles. "It was just cold blooded murder. And a person like that, if they would do it once, odds are they would do it again."

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