Over 100 MCS teachers put on notice after new evaluation process

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – More than one hundred Memphis City Schools teachers have been put on notice that they could be out of a job at the end of the year if they can't prove they belong there.

Many of these teachers won't be coming back based on their results from the district's new evaluation process, meaning they scored a one or two on the 5 point scale. A two is below expectations and a one is significantly below expectations. Though, this is a process some say was never meant to cost teachers their jobs.

"You don't just go to the doctor, find out your are sick and die," Memphis Education Association president Keith Williams said. "You try to get well. So we haven't tried to make these teachers whole and well."

Instead, Williams says many of the teachers who scored a one or two, the lowest on the new five point Memphis evaluation method called the TEM, just had the news broken to them.

"These teachers were told Monday by their principals in a conversation, and they were given some kind of letter to document their non-reelection," he states.

Non-reelection means they aren't being asked back to teach with MCS, no second chances.

"First I would say, have they actually been given a chance to improve?" MCS Teacher Margaret Box asked.

Box, who has been an MCS teacher for the last 36 years, says these teachers haven't been given a chance to get better. In fact, Box serves on the committee that crafted the new Memphis evaluation process and never thought people would be fired based on the results, especially after this first year.

"It's not tested or tried, it's an untested evaluation instrument," she said. "We thought that at the end of the first year we would revise the rubric, improvement it and tweak it. And now we are waiting to see if that will happen."

MCS tells Action News 5 that the teachers aren't being asked back to make sure every student has an effective teacher in every subject, every day.

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