Video surfaces after Collierville man indicted on animal cruelty charges

(WMC-TV) - Gruesome video has surfaced of a Collierville horse trainer accused of beating his horses.

Collierville horse trainer Jackie McConnell's, Whitter Stables was raided by the U.S. Department of agriculture in February.

Agents seized 8 of the 28 horses there. A neighbor who did not want to talk on camera told Action News 5 that he feels McConnell deserves whatever he gets.

McConnell and his staff are accused of beating horses with sticks and using electric cattle prods on the horses as well as "soring". "Soring" is the act of injecting harsh chemicals in a horses legs and hooves to cause pain so the horse will step higher, something desirable in walking horse competitions.

"Soring" is against the law in Tennessee as it is a violation of the Horse Protection Act and Tennessee cruelty to animals statute.

McConnell and his team are also accused of "stewarding", where trainers whip strike and jerk a horses lead rope that is attached to a metal brace across the horses nose to teach the horse not to react to pain.

McConnell and his associates were charged in a 52 count federal indictment in Chattanooga.

The Humane Society of the United States is holding a news conference Thursday morning in Nashville. That is where the video of the horses will be released to the public. Action news 5 will bring you any updates from that news conference.

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