Hayride overturns carrying 12 children, 3 teachers

(WMC-TV) - Children at Lake Cormorant Elementary School are just fine after a car on a hayride flipped over Thursday morning.

It was a frightening interruption to field day.

"We had a hayride that flipped over, the last car flipped over," said Walls Fire Captain Brandon Potts.

Hay was spread out on the ground where the car carrying about a dozen kids and a few teachers hit the curb.

"When the trailer went on a curb it caused the weight of the children to shift," said DeSoto County Schools spokesperson Katherine Nelson.

Crews from the Walls Fire Department were already there supervising so it only took minutes for help to arrive.

"We first arrived there were some kids laying out everywhere, crying, upset, scared, and wanting their parents, of course," Potts recalled.

No one was seriously injured, but Nelson said four kids were taken to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution. She said two other children were taken by their parents.

"Safety is our number one priority. Accidents do happen, but we are so sorry that it ended on this note for these children this year," Nelson said.

A parent volunteer was driving the tractor and was obviously shaken up by the accident.  Potts said the car appeared safe.

"They had braces on the side of the wagon it was just one of those freak accidents is all it was," Potts said.

Children may have been shaken up, but after a quick break inside there were more fun activities planned for the field day.

Nelson is relieved that everyone is safe.

"We treat them as our own children when they're here," Nelson continued. "They're our kids when they're here."

Potts said as far he knows hayrides have always been offered at the field day, but he too is glad the children are okay.

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