Mayes' sister shares family secrets; 'Adam wanted a family'

Adam Mayes
Adam Mayes

(WMC-TV) – The sister of Adam Mayes is shedding light into their family history and revealing secrets that expose the devil inside of the man accused of kidnap and murder.

Pamela Bain is Adam Mayes' older sister. She is also Gary Bain's ex-wife. Gary Bain was married to Jo Ann when she was found dead in Adam Mayes' backyard in Alpine, Mississippi.

Pamela is so ashamed of her brother that is scared to show her face, but that did not stop her from sharing a lifetime of family secrets that may have set Mayes' plan into motion.

"I always knew it would be one of my brothers and sisters, to do something like this, would be a sniper or a serial killer because of the dynamic of my family, it's like what you hear on TV. I just didn't know which one it'd be," she told Action News 5's Justin Hansen in an exclusive interview.

It is hard for Pamela Bain to talk about what she says was a lifetime of abuse in the Mayes' household.

"When you internalize secrets and you don't get rid of them, they stick with you and they do internal mental damage to you," she explained.

Pamela is the oldest of six children. Adam Mayes was the youngest and by her account, the head of the household.

"Adam had no reason to be like he was, because from the time he was born, he was in charge, they gave total control over to him," Pamela said.

When she says 'they', she is referring to her parents.

Their mother, Mary Frances, is in jail on charges that she helped Mayes kidnap Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain.

Their father, Johnny, now lives with his son in South Carolina.

"He was in total control of them, they had no will power, no voice and after they pushed us kids away, we could no longer protect our mom and dad," said Pamela. "He was very much a mind manipulator, he would say what he wanted you to do in a way that made you want to do it."

Pamela married Gary Bain 30 years ago. She says her brother, Adam, quickly took to her new husband.

"Adam could deceive you into believing you were his best friend and that you have nothing to fear of him," she explained. "Whenever Gary and I divorced 10 years ago, it's like he became part of Gary, took Gary to be his family and immersed himself in their lives."

Pamela says Mayes coveted what he saw when Gary married Jo Ann and began creating a family with her daughters, Adrienne and Alexandria, as well as fathering Kyliyah.

"Adam was looking, wanted a family and Teresa couldn't have children. That's why he fixated on those two youngest girls," Pamela said.

Teresa Mayes is Adam's wife turned widow. She is in jail on murder and kidnapping charges accused of helping Adam kill Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain, and kidnapping the two younger girls. She is also accused of transporting the family of four to this house in Alpine, Mississippi.

"From what I understand, they were gonna cut off ties to Tennessee period, why I don't know that, but they were gonna cut ties and I think Adam panicked because he didn't want to lose the two little girls he thought was his," Pamela revealed. "He didn't have the right faculties to know right from wrong, he thought that the children were his and he could take them with no repercussions."

Pamela has an adult daughter from a previous marriage who lives with Gary Bain.

She says her daughter told her Adam was mixing cocktails in the Bain home the night before the murders and kidnappings. She believes he drugged Gary in order to carry out his plan the next morning.

"The night it happened, he bought the stuff to make tequila sunrises and he was the only one making the drinks, so he may have drugged Gary so that he could get Jo Ann and the girls out of the house and into the garage," Pamela speculated.

Investigators have not said how Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain died, but Pamela is certain Gary Bain had no suspicions about the man he considered a close friend.

"I don't think Gary knew Adam was gonna do this or else he'd put an end to their relationship," said Pamela. "Me being a mom, it makes me wish my brother had never been born so that his sickness would have never touched their lives."

Pamela said she had last spoken with her brother, Adam, two years ago when he refused to let her see her parents.

She is heartbroken over how these events turned out.

"I'm sad for the person he could have been, but I'm not sad for the person he turned out to be," said Pamela Bain.  "I've never shed a tear over him."

Pamela Bain said her brother became obsessed with the new Bain family.

"I feel sorry Jo Ann and Adrienne had to lose their lives because my brother wasn't right in the head and that he wasn't smart enough to reach out for help," she said.

Help for what Pamela Bain said was a lifetime of abuse.  She said years of physical and mental abuse by their parents, on top of Adam Mayes' longing for a "normal" life, likely pushed him over the edge.

"I expected one of my brothers and sisters to snap, always expected it," said Pamela Bain.

"I think he was getting ready to kill the girls because they said on the news that they found him and the girls, that he was down on his knees and they were face down in the leaves," she added.  "I think he was getting ready to kill them because he didn't want them to be taken from him."

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