Investigators in three states search for 'roadside killer'

(WMC-TV) - So much attention is focused in north Mississippi, but now, the search for the person responsible for two highway shooting deaths is stretching into three different states.

Two unsolved murders, both occurring on the side of the road in the dark of night has got drivers on edge.

"It scares me to death. I'm terrified to go on the interstate. And it's not right," said Hernando resident Danielle Skaggs.

Police believe the victims were chosen at random.

"Just terrified, just scared. I'm not on the road at night. Not by myself," said Tunica resident Carolyn Gross.

DeSoto County dispatch has been flooded with concerned callers and eager tipsters.

It is a similar story throughout north Mississippi and the rest of the Mid-South.

In Arkansas, dispatch got a tip about a green Crown Victoria being driven by a man with a badge. Police pulled him over and search the car but found nothing out of the ordinary and let him go. It is just one example of the massive effort taking place across thousands of miles of Mid-South roads.

Near Yazoo City, Mississippi, investigators are working a case involving an accused fake cop who tried to pull over a car only to get shot at in the process.

Right now, it does not appear to be connected to the roadside killer in North Mississippi.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is in charge and at this point, they have yet to release a vehicle description.

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