Pastors, civil rights leaders, ask president to take back opinion on gay marriage

(WMC-TV) - A group of pastors and civil rights leaders are pleading with President Barack Obama to change his mind about gay marriage.

The group says homosexuality is not an issue of civil rights. They want the president to know they are against anything that would allow an opportunity for sexual sin to become a part of the fabric of society.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors had an important message Thursday.

"To ask President Obama to rescind his position on the condoning of homosexual marriage," said William Owens.

The group of black clergy and civil rights leaders say it is time to turn the tide against the "hijacking" of the civil rights movement.

"We're not here as hatred or back drabness of the gay community. We're here to say your contentions is not legitimate," said pastor Bishop Felton Smith.

The group plans to spend the next few months visiting churches and asking for support from pastors to speak up against the view that gay marriage is a civil right.

Dr. Dwight Montgomery- President SCLC

"I have here a dollar bill and it says in God We Trust. I believe that those who had this placed on our currency were talking about the God of the bible we preach from," said Dr. Dwight Montgomery, president of Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The pastors say they are not sure how this recent controversy will impact their support of the president's bid for re-election.

"We want to stay away from the political part and stay in the realm of our area which is ministry. We don't know how it will affect it and I don't want to speculate," said Owens.

The group says they hope to get as many as 200,000 signatures from across the country asking Mr. Obama to rescind his position on gay marriage.

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