Surveillance video and Facebook resolve restaurant theft case

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis man is charged with breaking into a local restaurant. He was tracked down thanks to a popular social media network.

Nicholas Clark is charged with the burglary and theft of a popular University of Memphis area bar that has a lot of fans on Facebook.

Newby's is a bar, restaurant, and concert venue.

Tuesday night, $2,000 worth of items was stolen from the venue, including a big screen TV and audio equipment.

Police arrested Nicholas Clark, a former Newby's employee.

"I was really upset because we did I.D. the person and it was someone that used to work with us and someone that had actually played music up at the bar with us," said Newby's owner Todd Adams.

The owners recognized Clark in the surveillance video that captured the theft. Since his arrest, the rest has played out online.

The owner's Facebook post about the theft generated a long list of comments.

One post identified another man who had been hanging out with Clark earlier in the night.

And Clark himself posted his contrition, saying he is truly sorry.

"To make a long story short it was a drunken mistake influenced by a bet that I couldn't get away with taking something from the stage side," he posted to Facebook.

His former boss has some advice.

"Sometimes just owning up and being honest is the best policy," Adams said.

Clark was released on his own recognizance. He declined an interview with Action News 5.

The stolen items were all returned to the restaurant.

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