Wildlife officer weighs in on the Bain sisters' rescue

(WMC-TV) - Mississippi wildlife officers found Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain the same day they joined in the intense manhunt for their accused kidnapper, Adam Mayes.

Arkansas wildlife officer Michael Neal knows when innocent lives are at stake, every second matters.

One week ago, scores of law enforcement agents were combing Union County for the missing sisters.

In the end, it was Mississippi Wildlife officers who zeroed in on Mayes and his hostages in a densely wooded area.

"I was really excited that they caught the guy, first of all, but the fact that game wardens did catch him, it is a good feeling for us," said Arkansas Wildlife Officer Michael Neal.

Arkansas wildlife officer Michael Neal is proud of his Mississippi counterparts.

"Any time there is something going on in the woods or on the water, who are going to call? They're going to call us because that's our specialty," said Neal.

Neal knows the value of those specialized skills.

Almost exactly two years ago, Neal put an end to a shooting rampage in West Memphis by ramming his vehicle into Jerry and Joe Kane. They were sovereign citizens who already gunned down two West Memphis police officers.

"You know 30 seconds changed my entire world," Neal explained.

While the rescue of the Bain sisters was a great success, Neal says the ordeal will take a toll on the Mississippi officers who saved them.

"The tragic nature of that whole thing is going to put a lot of stress on the officers," he said.

Neal will be visiting his Mississippi comrades next month. In the meantime, he hopes they're taking advantage of the counseling that is available to them.

"That is a traumatic situation. It's a stressful situation. It's something I have been through and I know what they're feeling and what they're doing and I can help them with that," said Neal.

Today, Neal spends a lot of his time teaching the lessons he learned from the tragedy in West Memphis.

He knows his Mississippi comrades will live with the memory of the Bain family tragedy for years to come.

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