Police impersonator arrested in Mississippi

(WMC-TV) – Thursday night investigators addressed the possibility an accused police impersonator is the man wanted for two North Mississippi murders.

While the Roadside Killer is wanted for two murders in north Mississippi, the accused impersonator was arrested in Humphreys County.

"It was so many law enforcement officers coming down here and they all went up to this trailer back up the hill. They stayed there probably for close to two hours," said Ed Kendrick, a witness.

Neighbors saw those law enforcement officers at the trailer where native Memphian James Lucas lives with his girlfriend in Yazoo City. Lucas is behind bars in Belzoni Mississippi suspected of using a blue light to pull over at least two people in central Mississippi Wednesday night.  They got scared and took off after hearing about the roadside killings in North Mississippi.

Investigators say they don't know if Lucas could be involved with the north Mississippi killings.

"We just don't know. We are still doing the investigation," said Investigator Cleveland Ross with the Humphreys County Sheriff Department.

Investigators say Lucas was driving a Mercury Marquis with an upside down Mississippi State flag on the plate.

"His car sure looks like a police car. The windows are tinted. It has antennas all over it."

Neighbor children say they have seen the blue lights on his car.

"He has a blue light up here in the mirror," one child said. "He's got one up on his mirror and one up on the dash where it is just sitting there."

Investigators found a fake police badge, hand cuffs and a police radio in Lucas' girlfriend's house. The car was parked in the woods when investigators arrived.

The mother of Lucas' girlfriend said he likes to impersonate police. She did not want to be seen on camera.

"I think he just does it not for harm just for kicks," she said.

She has seen the badge and the blue lights.

This woman and his friends don't want to believe James Lucas could be connected to the shootings in north Mississippi.

James Lucas will remain in the Humphreys County jail while this investigation is going on.  Investigators here say he has several aliases and a record, but they would not elaborate. North Mississippi investigators have been contacted about his arrest.

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